HDRI Lighting In LuxRender

Just a quick, simple trick today. I’ve been obsessing over lighting for a while now, and I ran across a chance comment online that made me finally take a look at using HDRI lighting in Lux. I’ve made the attempt before, but was operating on less-than-accurate information, and never got it to work. So, just in case there’s anyone else out there that heard you need to use the goniometric light in Lux as an HDRI light source, well, you don’t.

Someone online mentioned using the HDRI images from the Bryce freebie Golden Lighting in Lux. Now, I admit, I never once thought of doing that, because in my compartmentalized little mind, Bryce HDRIs tend to light Bryce scenes, and Bryce doesn’t play nice with Lux. So, once I got over feeling a bit dumb, I decided to take a shot at lighting an image with one of the Golden Lighting HDRIs. Real clever, eh?

I’ve already discovered using the goniometric light for IBL (image-based lighting) is something of a pain. Not to say it can’t be done, it’s just not something I’m happy doing yet. So I dug around in the LuxRender docs and found a much simpler alternative to the goniometric route.

Ready for this? It’s real simple…

First, set up your scene in DAZ Studio.

Second, create a plane primitive (Create>New Primitive>Plane). Make it a big one, I used 1000m. Rotate it 90 degrees on the X axis and position it behind your scene, as a backdrop. You may have to adjust it more after the first test-render.

Third, turn the plane into a LuxRender light source (select plane, right-click Parameters tab, choose “Luxus – LuxRender Light”, then select “infinite” as the type).

And fourth, look under the parameters for “LuxRender Light”. Where it says “LuxRender Infinite Light – Enviroment Map”, load your HDRI image of choice.

Then set up your render settings the way you like them, and hit render. You’ll have nice HDRI-generated lighting bathing your scene.

Now wasn’t that easy?

Just for comparison, so you can see what a nice HDRI can do in Lux, I’ve rendered the exact same image with 3Delight, and then again with Lux. Here’s the 3Delight version:

3Delight Render

And here’s what Lux has to offer:


There you go. Simple HDRI lighting in LuxRender.

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One thought on “HDRI Lighting In LuxRender

  1. Last time I used a Lux exporter for DS, it was Tofusan’s free plugin for DS3. And using HDRI panoramas was dead easy in it – you would just plop the HDRI in the Sky control. Is it really that much of a pain to do it with the _commercial_ plugins?? That’s sad =((

    Oh BTW, and those same HDRI panoramas should also be usable for UberEnvironment2 (and other 3Delight environment light shaders) – there’s the conversion script in the UE2 folder which will create a special TIFF that 3Delight can make use of. That’s how I basically made the UE2 presets for my light kit – I rendered HDRI panoramas of my Bryce scenes into .hdr images and ran them through that script. I also use Openfootage.NET photographic HDRI panoramas via the same script.

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